The rumored new cutlery series from “TOKYO CRAFTS” will be released! Check out the new design that revolutionizes the idea of ‘chopsticks’!

1 year ago

From the up-and-coming outdoor brand TOKYO CRAFTS by Mr. Tana, creator of the YouTube channel “Tana Channel”, a “craftsman series” of cutlery that is great for use both at home and outdoors. In addition to the cutlery set that has a simple design, the chopsticks with a revolutionary new design are worth checking out!

Craftsmen series “cutlery set” ¥ 4950

The craftsmen series “cutlery set” is a set of forks, knives, spoons, and special cases. Tsubamesanjo, a manufacturing town in Japan that is famous for the quality of its craftsmanship will handle the manufacturing. It has many more high tech functions than the simple appearance may suggest, such as rust prevention, alumite processing that enhances the strength, and knurling processing that makes it easy to hold.

Craftsmen series “chopsticks” ¥ 4950

The craftsman series “Chopsticks” are chopsticks with a unique gimmick that cannot be found anywhere else. We often see outdoor chopsticks that can be disassembled and folded in half from the center, but this chopstick is characterized by the unique concept that two chopsticks are attached together.

It is common with chopsticks that can be disassembled, that small parts such as caps may be lost, but thanks to this simple gimmick that does not remove any parts it is very convenient to use outdoors.

The chopsticks are finished with excellent attention to detail, such as rolling prevention by making a part of them octagonal, non-slip processing of the chopstick tips, and rust-resistant alumite processing.