A sofa from Nanga!? Take a look at this modern sofa with a sleeping bag cushion that gives it an outdoor flavor.

7 months ago

The furniture brand “ADRS”, which uses wood and steel to produce simple and tasteful furniture, and the well-known down brand “NANGA” have teamed up to produce an excellent sofa.

This is a special design that incorporates Nanga items based on the “Carla Sofa”, which combines slim steel legs with solid oak wood.

One-seat sofa (blanket cushion specification) ¥ 107800,

Corner sofa (normal cushion specification) ¥85800, ottoman ¥52800

The back cushion cover, which uses Nanga’s original Aurora Latex, creates an outdoor atmosphere because it looks like a sleeping bag.

The lineup consists of three types: a corner sofa, a single sofa, and an ottoman.

The back cushion uses a drawstring instead of a zipper which is very unique.

The cushion of the single sofa contains Nanga pillows and down blankets, which can be used individually.

Aurora Tech is also used for the outer material of the Nanga pillows and blankets that come with the single sofa. The blanket is 80% down and 20% feathers and has excellent breathability. It is also possible to wash it at home in a washing machine which is handy!

Not only can it be used when relaxing in the living room, but it can also be used for camping! It is also possible to purchase seperately (Utatane cushion) exclusively at SIEVE online (¥33000).

The collaboration sofa from ADRS and Nanga, which incorporates the essence of camping into simple modern furniture, is a must-see for outdoor fans!

The back cushion of the corner sofa uses ADRS feather + silicone fill.

The release is scheduled for February 2023, and as an incentive for early reservation, if you purchase two units (excluding the ottoman) by December 26, 2022, you will receive a log carry stand as a gift, so be sure to check it out!