This watch is packed with features for the outdoor enthusiast!

4 years ago

The new style smart watch Eco-Drive Riiiver is set for release by Citizen in fall 2019.

The product will be crowd funded on “GREEN FUNDING” with the pre-sale starting on Monday 17th June 2019.

CITIZEN/Eco-Drive Riiiver ¥48600

Eco-Drive Riiiver is a Bluetooth enabled smart watch that can be connected to your smart phone and customized through the use of a dedicated IoT app called “Riiiver” to match your lifestyle and preferences.

For example with the touch of a button on the watch you can call a dispatch service or operate a similar IoT device like a smart speaker. There are many possibilities to customize the watch to match your personal lifestyle.

It is also equipped with a photovoltaic eco drive that removes the hassle of having to charge the watch and also doesn’t require regular battery replacement. The addition of water and pressure resistance makes this watch perfect for outdoors activity as well as just hitting the camp site!

The minimalistic design combines a delicate mesh band, wide dial and a highly visible color ring. Although it is indeed a high tech smart watch, the finish and overall design retains all the warmth of a traditional analog.

This is a hybrid watch that combines the quality of life functions synonymous with smart watches, the appeal of a traditional analog watch, outdoor appropriate specifications and an aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in the business world.

During the crowd funding period (17th June to 31st August) it is possible to view samples of the watch at the next generation technology Tsutaya Home appliances showroom in Setagaya Tokyo. Interested parties should make the most of this opportunity to get hands on with this revolutionary new product.

■CITIZEN Eco-Drive Riiiver