Ogawa’s has a bountiful array of new tents for 2023! We take a look at two tents that are particularly impressive!

7 months ago

Founded in 1914, “Ogawa”, is a long-established domestic outdoor brand, and they are on the offensive in 2023 with a strong lineup of 9 new tents, which they announced recently.

All of them are user-centric smart models, but here I would like to introduce a completely new tent from within this lineup that is particularly impressive.

A cross pole that soars into the sky.

Piraeus ¥145200

If you’re looking for an eye-catching tent with that leaves a strong impression, this is the one for you. The structure is such that crossed poles hang the fly from the outside of the curtain, creating a very unique appearance. Both the fly and the inner are made of TC material, and it is also spart resistant.

Not only is the cross pole eye-catching, but the shape is unique with a beautifully curved silhouette. You can remove the inner and ground sheet, so you can also use it as a shelter. With a capacity of up to 5 people and a height of 2.4m, it is also very spacious.



Standing size: W340×D413×H240cm

Stored size: W70 x D34 x H32cm

Weight: Approximately 17.56 kg (excluding accessories)


Incredibly ground-breaking flap.

Shanti R ¥110000

A 3-pole tent that is easy to set up. The form ensures that it is strong against wind and is safe… but it also has another ground-breaking function. The flaps on the front are doubled and unfolded like the arms of a praying mantis to create a spacious living space. Ogawa is so confident in this new tent design that is labeled as “no tarp needed”.

The front flap can be stretched freely, and Ogawa’s official website shows 9 different ways to arrange it. Even so, I was surprised to find that it was stated that “the picture is just an example”. This new model tent can accommodate 4 people.



Standing size: W270 x D480 x H188cm

Stored size: Φ28×L68cm

Weight: about 8.24kg (excluding accessories)


Ogawa’s other new works include a S size of the “Twin Cresta T/C”, a big size version of the “Glocke”, and a skirted model version of the “Stacey”. Please check them all out on the official brand website.