SOTO’s first tent that can be transformed from a shelter into an open top camp curtain!

7 months ago

“SOTO” is well known for their burning appliances such as slide gas torches and regulator stoves, which are popular with campers due to their high quality that is often unique to domestic brands. While there are many gas appliances and gear from SOTO to use around the kitchen, this time they will release their first tent that has excellent versatility.

HORUS SOLO T/C ¥99000 *Colors and specifications are subject to change.

Based on a one-pole shelter, it is compact and extremely simple to set up. In addition, the camp curtain and sub pole that can be used to create a private space are included as a standard set. By opening the awning, you can use a burning appliance inside the tent, making it perfect for enjoying winter camping while gazing at the starry sky.

When enjoying a bonfire, you can use the encampment independently.

The tent fabric is made of polycotton (T/C) material, which has excellent breathability and heat retention, in addition to being flame-retardant and resistant to sparks.

If you close the shelter, it becomes a simple one-pole tent.

In addition, a skirt that prevents cold air, rain and wind from entering comes as standard equipment, so it is also suitable for winter camping. In addition to the shelter itself, the camp curtain, main poles, sub poles, pegs, guide ropes, and everything you need to set up are included. Two colors are planned for release: gray and coyote.

Even if the shelter itself is flipped up with a canopy, if you close the center zip that divides the inside of the shelter into two, you can create two rooms, a bedroom and a living room.

By combining the one-pole shelter and the camp, the versatility is improved, so it can be set up according to various situations. In the main image above, the shelter and the encampment are used to block the line of sight of the surroundings, while the ceiling is open to so you can still enjoy the sky views.

This is the first ever tent from SOTO and it is already looking to be a fantastic product so we are anxiously awaiting the release!]