The Zerogram ultra-lightweight tent has been ingeniously upgraded to make it stronger and more comfortable!

6 months ago

“ZEROGRAM”, known for its lightweight and tough gear, has completely upgraded their staple popular tent. By adopting the brand’s original pole the “ZEROBONE”, the livability and comfort have been improved while maintaining the brands signature light weight.

The even more beautiful “El Chalten ZEROBONE”.

El Chalten ZEROBONE(1.5P) ¥80300

Speaking of Zerogram tents, they are popular because they are easy to set up, even though it features a double wall, the fly and inner can be deployed at once. Their staple model is the “El Chalten”. For this latest update, they have adopted the strong, light and flexible pole “ZEROBONE” and a newly developed connecting hub.

In addition to deep khaki in the photo, yellow is also available (see end of article).

This is the newly developed hub system. The three poles intersect in a flat shape and there are no steps. As a result, the curtain is hung evenly in a well-balanced manner, improving both the looks and stability. The height of the inner has been increased, and the overall livability has also improved. In addition, the ventilation and comfort have also been enhanced.

In addition to the 1.5P size shown in the photo, 2P and 2.5P are available, and the prices are ¥86900 and ¥92400, respectively.


[SPEC] *1.5P

Constructed size: W105 x D210 x H100cm

Weight: 1583g

Materials: 15D N/R silicone/PU coated (fly), 20D monofila (inner), 20D N/R silicone/PU coated (floor), ZERO-BONE UL duralumin (pole)


The “Thru Hiker 1P ZEROBONE” is comfortable while being ultra-lightweight.

Thru Hiker 1P ZEROBONE ¥74800

A UL tent under 1kg suitable for long trails that also uses a double wall structure, achieving the same easy setup as the El Chanten.

For this latest model, the height of the inner tent has been raised because the poles have been changed to Zero-Bones, improving the overall comfort. It also features a more rounded designed with improved wind resistance. In addition, the area of ventilation is about doubled, improving its performance in hot conditions and protecting against the effects of condensation.



Constructed size: W90 (front) / W70 (rear) x D210 x H100cm

Weight: 978g

Material: 15D N/R silicone/PU coated (fly), 20D monofila (inner), 15D N/R silicone/PU coated (floor), ZERO-BONE UL duralumin (pole)

The El Chanten is scheduled to be released at the end of February, and the Thru-Hiker 1P is scheduled for the end of March. You can purchase at the official online store here or at dealers nationwide.