From Zero Gram, a hemispherical dome-shaped shelter and a tunnel tent for two people with an excellent sense of freedom are now available.

8 months ago

ZEROGRAM, an outdoor brand designed for light backpackers from South Korea known for its lightweight gear, will release two new tent models this spring. The hemispherical dome-shaped shelter weighing less than 8 kg and can be used by six people and the tunnel-shaped double wall tent, which is easy to set up and has excellent livability, both feature cutting edge high-specs and lightweight as you would expect from Zero Gram.

BROOKS GROUND DOME SHELTER is a lightweight dome shelter with an impressive sense of openness.


The “BROOKS GROUND DOME SHELTER” is a dome-shaped shelter that can be used as a living room for group camps or as a base camp for activities.

Generally, a hemispherical dome shelter requires 8 or more poles, but this shelter can be set up with only 5 poles. It can be set up by one person in about 10 minutes, and has a lightweight design with a total weight of only 7.89 kg. The unique structure is inspired by the geodesic structure that was created after a development period of about 22 months.

Even though the number of poles has been reduced, the structure has excellent wind resistance and stability, so you can rest assured even in bad weather. The doorway is structurally devised to prevent water from entering even in heavy rain, and the zip is also coated with a waterproof coating.

And the best feature is the overwhelming sense of freedom. There are 10 windows of various shapes, 4 of which also serve as large entrances. Additionally, if you open the skylights on two sides, you can enjoy looking up at the stars at night or blue skies during good weather.

It can also be used as a double wall tent for 4 people by combining it with the 4-person inner tent (sold separately) (¥45,100). The inner tent and shelter are uniquely designed with a different angle, and there are two large storage areas at the front and back that are large enough to store bicycles.

The release is scheduled for March 18, 2023.



Size: 360 (L) x 360 (W) x 190 (H) cm

Gross Weight: 7890g

Material: Fly…30D N/R silicone/PU coated/Pole…ZERO-BONE (deralumin)

Configuration: shelter, fly, 5 poles, 16 pegs, 6 guylines, footprint, stuff sack


The tunnel-type, lightweight double wall tent “OAKLEAF 2p”.


The “OAKLEAF 2p” is a highly livable tunnel tent that can be used by two adults. Although it has a double wall, the weight is less than 2 kg. This tent is ideal for minimalist camping and motorcycle trips.

Despite the sleeve type double wall, the fly, inner and footprint are integrated, so it can be setup in just 5 minutes. Just insert the 3 poles, peg down to one tail and pull the front, and it can be stood up almost instantly.

It features excellent livability. In the large space that connects the living space and the front room, there is enough space so you can put a mini table in and cook, and the front room is large enough to store a folding bicycle. You can also use two cots side by side in shelter mode with the inner tent removed.

Monofilament is used for the entire inner tent wall surface and for the ventilation, which helps maintains breathability and massively reduces condensation. The fly is an eco-friendly tent that uses recycled nylon.

The release is scheduled for March 18, 2023.



Size: inner 210(L)×135(W)×115(H)cm

Weight: Minimum…1989g / Packing…2508g

Material: Fly…Recycle N/R silicone/PU coated/Inner…monofila/Pole…ZERO-BONE UL (deralumin)

Configuration: fly, inner, pole, peg 17, guyline 6, footprint, stuff sack


The two new tents released by Zero Gram, both achieve excellent levels of comfort while retaining the light weight properties that the brand is well known for!