Close the hole just by touching it! Check out this innovative new tent from Bach Equipment.

4 months ago

“BACH”, which is well known for its backpacks, has now released tents and chairs using their know-how cultivated in producing bags and clothing. With a lineup that has carefully selected materials, the new tent in particular has a unique and innovative feature…!

A tent that repairs holes like magic!

Guam3 ¥143000

A lightweight tent for backpacking. It is a clasisc double wall consisting of an inner and a fly, hat aims to reduce the overall weight by the selection of materials rather than changing the structure. It is for up to 3 people, but if you want to be able to relax comfortably, it is realistic to use it as a solo tent or for a couple.

The fly fabric is ripstop nylon “GorLyn 20” with silicon processing. This has a mysterious feature, that even if there is a hole, if just rub it with your fingertips ….

…… The hole is fixed. Of course, it is best not to fall into such a situation, but it is very reassuring for taking care of small holes caused when using.

Please refer to the image at the end of the article for details on the inner and the visual from the back.


A chair made of Cordura.

Kiwi ¥27500

The eco-friendly recycled material “CORDURA ECO Fabric” is used for the fabric. Speaking of Cordura, it is synonymous with durable nylon, such as being used for Danner Light.

The shape looks like a standard chair, but the materials and stitching are of high quality as they are prepared by Bach. The leg frame joints are also stylish and an accent to the design.

Kingfisher ¥31350 Morningbird ¥25850

There are 3 types of chairs available. In addition to the aforementioned Kiwi, there is the Kingfisher, which emphasizes relaxation, and the lightweight model, called the Morningbird, which weighs only 930g. All models are available in four colors. Check out the image gallery at the end of the article for more details.

All of the products we introduced here can be purchased at dealers nationwide. Featuring an easy-to-use and classic style, but if you look closely, you will see there is something unique here! If you’re looking for staple items with innovative new ideas, Bach is worth checking out!