The latest fashionable camping style for fall 2019! Go Out Camp Vol.15 #1

4 years ago

The number of days where the temperature drops below 20degrees are increasing so you need to take extra measures to protect against the cold when camping. Camping style changes quite drastically from summer but how can you maintain a cool and fashionable camping style this fall/winter season? 

Luckily Go Out Camp Vol.15 is here to help with a collection of fashionable camp site snaps to give you inspiration for the new season. Make sure you can fully enjoy the colder seasons when camping in a cool way!


An excellent dome camper that has obviously good taste in gear.


Among the many sand and OD tents that we saw the most eye catching camp site was unified in yellow. In addition to the North Face Dome 8 which is said to be very limited in Japan, the classic color of the also rare Bastion 4 creates an excellent balance.

If you look underneath the MSR tarp you will find a Coleman’s Gold Bond Mustard jug and a 200A lantern strewn about the place.

Tenmark Design’s work racks are utilized as kitchen racks and Holiday in the Mountains boxes are used as drawers.


A one pole tent with an urban color scheme.


Tentipi’s Onyx 7 Light is made from nylon rather than the more common cotton. It has a diameter of 4.5m and a height of 2.7m and is spacious enough for a family of 4 with ceiling ventilation and mesh doors.

The cots that are placed inside are Buyer of Maine Catadin cots, Black Label tables from Taiwan and vintage lanterns are also arranged.

 The living room connected to the MSR Parawing Tarp has a unified style with all wood furniture. In addition to the equipment containers used the cooler box stand is also made of highlander wood and matches the rest of the furniture design.


An easy to use shelter for 5 family members.

ownerThe Aya Family 

They have arranged a kangaroo style using a collaboration model of Ogawa and Canadian East, Twin Fils Fork Black and a North Face Maline 33.

They have made a table using the original F shaped clamp from Hiroshima based interior store Dicotomic. The chair has been finished in black to match the color of the tent.

 A stylish combination of DIY items, Instagram brand K&R’s log carrier and projector and a floodlight purchased from Tokyo based general store Efim. This unique combination of items sparkles with a unified sense of style.

Photo/Taizo Shukuri