The latest fashionable camping style for fall 2019! Go Out Camp Vol.15 #2

4 years ago

As the seasons change so do the most fashionable camp site set ups! Luckily Go Out Camp Vol.15 is here to help with a collection of fashionable camp site snaps to give you inspiration for the new season. Make sure you can fully enjoy the colder seasons when camping in a cool way!


This season’s hottest new tent is an affordable and comfortable model.

ownerYuichi ChirouMiyukiKiyoraAiraAoha 

Brought to you by A&F this seasons debit brand Sabattical’s large shelter, the Sky Pilot TC is great for this large family relaxing and enjoying the living room and bedroom space.

The work table is from Tenmark Design and the Coleman 2 burner on top is painted in gold and black. The interior has been carefully put together with fashion in mind and the hard work has obviously paid off.

Outside they have placed a Coleman Comfort Master Canvas Ring Chair so that they can enjoy the bonfire.


Vintage gear mixed with the popular tan coloring is on trend.  


The tarp is set up to create a living room with the ultra rare Hilberg Altai which is only limited to 15 units total and is also a lightweight model that adopts the same nylon material and has become one of the mainstream tan colors used in recent years.

The table was purchased at Bricking UK and is a high top style together with a chair from Chilling Campypus. A small STO table of Camp Mania Products is set up for using kitchen utensils.

Most of the gear used such as the Coleman fire lighter and the classic range rover model (Range Over 92) is blended well with other modern items to create a unified camp site image.


Collaboration gear with fashion brands that combine functionality with style.

ownerMitsuba Family

Mitsuba built a tent site centered around limited camping gear made by fashion brands such as Neighborhood, Natal Design, and Supreme.

A stand made using a skate deck, a Lucano stepladder, a Stanley bottle, a Biaretti espresso machine are all collaboration items with Supreme.

The bonfire gear is hung by attaching a hook to the Minimal Works rack. Many items form Asimo Craft and Nell Design Works are also arranged.


A great example of gear selection that is both comfortable and easy to set up.


The Jyun family who have small children with them have selected an E-shelter with an air frame which is a Neighborhood and Helinox collaboration that features a ceiling height of 2.4m and is easy to set up.

The living room utilizes a number of small tables that can be rearranged to match the needs or situation. A Snow Peak burner is placed upon the Uniframe bonfire table so that you can cook while sitting down.

They have actively incorporated compact items that can easily be stored on the vehicle while travelling such as foldable plastic stools for the jug stand and a Snow Peak camping bucket.

Photo/Taizo Shukuri