A classic tent from Logos is re-released. A retro cottage type with a 90’s-like appearance.

3 years ago

LOGOS have enacted the revival of the cottage type tent that was popular in the outdoor world in the 90’s. Here is the “Revival Cottage L-BJ” from the popular Gran Basic series, which belongs to the premium line from Logos.

Spacious and comfortable living.


The cottage type has a wall surface that is closer to vertical than the dome and tunnel type. Therefore, it is difficult to create a dead space on the edge, and the spaciousness is improved. This product has a width of less than 3 m, a depth of 4 m, and a height of 2 m or more, so you can make good use of the ample space available.

The retro look that prevailed in the 90s was is also fresh and stylish.


2 room structure with good ventilation.

It comes with an inner tent, and if you install it, it becomes a so-called 2-room tent structure (it can also be used as a full screen tarp without installing it).

The cottage type also has the advantage that large windows can be used, and the fly sheet and inner tent are equipped with large mesh windows in all directions. A comfortable space with good ventilation is realized.


A highly flexible canopy.

The accessories also include a pole that flips up the canopy. The canopy can be flipped up on the entire side or up to half, so you can arrange it freely according to the number of people and the situation. The flysheet material is flame-retardant and the mesh is UV cut, so I’m happy with the high quality.

The cottage type tent has excellent habitability and is ideal for long stays. It is a comfortable base to stay when camping with multiple people such as families.



Total weight: about 24.0kg

Size: About W290 x D400 x H208cm

Inner size: About W270×D210×H192cm

Storage size: About W75 × D36 × H36 cm

Frame material: Steel

Fly sheet material: Flame-retardant polyox (water pressure resistance 3000mm, UV-CUT processing, durable super water repellent processing)

Inner sheet material: poly taffeta (breathable water repellent)

Floor sheet material: Heavy polyox (water pressure resistance 5000mm)

Mesh material: Devil Block EX (excluding inner)

■LOGOS https://www.logos.ne.jp/products/info/4500