Muraco’s Nagareyama tent is finished in a chic two-tone color. An legitimate tent born in Kilimanjaro.

9 months ago

Muraco, which combines stylish visuals with high-level performance, will release the brand’s first full-scale mountain tent, and we previously introduced the solo model “RAPIDE X1-1P GRAY”.

This time, we will pick up and introduce a model for 4 people, which will also be released as a base camp for climbing high place.


A full-scale model that brings to life the experience of climbing Kilimanjaro.

GUSTAV 4P ¥80300

Here is Muraco’s first full-scale mountain tent, a model for 4 people. It is based on the model that was officially adopted by TUSKER TRAIL, which undertakes a tour for climbing Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 5,895 m.

The frame is a geodesic structure with six poles skillfully intersecting. Not only does it have excellent wind resistance, but it is also spacious and comfortable to live in. It has two entrances located both in front and behind, which makes it very convenient.

Ensures breathability matching to the climate of Japan.

Although it is a model that makes use of harsh mountaineering experience, consideration is given to the hot and humid Japanese climate. Ventilation is installed at 6 places, ensuring excellent ventilation.

The 250 x 250 cm hexa-type living space is the perfect size for family camping with a couple and two children. The front room is large enough to be used comfortably for general camping.



Installation size: W260×D475×H165cm

Storage size: W70 x D20 x H20 cm

Weight: 8.7kg

Fly sheet material: 68D ripstop polyester (UV cut & PU coating/water pressure 2500mm)

Inner tent material: 68D ripstop polyester

Frame pole: A7001 muraco FLEXLIGHT Φ9.7mm


Reservations are currently being accepted on Muraco’s official website. Stock is scheduled for late July.

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