See the latest autumn camp style! Full of fashionable and functionally discerning sites # 1

3 years ago

THE CAMP STYLE SNAP in Fumotoppara @ 2020.10

The autumn / winter camp where you can enjoy bonfires and outdoor food is about to begin !! So, check out the fashionable campers’ sites at the popular vehicle campsite “Fumotoppara” as the venue for GO OUT CAMP!

By the way, at “Fumotoppara”, October was designated as “Camp Strengthening Month” like GO OUT, and a huge signboard was set up for a limited time.

Enjoy a family day camp in a large shelter.

Ameo-san, Hiromi-san, Shion-kun

The Ameo family living in Yamanashi are regular campers at the foot of the mountain. They enjoy camping more often in winter than in summer, and it’s the season to come in their opinion.

Today is a day camp, so they installed Zein Arts’ 2-pole shelter, Gigi 2 in an open style like a tarp. The gear is also kept to a minimum, and the bonfire is also set for solo use.

As the saying goes, “I was particular about the sense of unity,” the wood furniture and vintage items are arranged in a well-balanced manner. It also matches the coyote color of the last two.

A living space is created in the center of the shelter. In front of the Kermit chair, two large and small tables from Camp Mania Products are set side by side.

The rack, which is built in a place where you can reach from sitting in the chair, is a DIY item that uses scaffolding boards found at the construction site. There is also a Coleman vintage lantern.

Bash’s laundry cart is set as a trash can while incorporating vintage baskets and wooden boxes. This is a great example of effective use of unused space in the shelter.


A natural living room is set under a pure white tarp.


Tommy_custa’s site incorporates items from up-and-coming outdoor brands such as sunset climax and HXO design.

The pure white tarp from Sunset Climax stands out, but the Charul Living unified with the sand color set under it is also worth noting.

“I connected the same tables designed by HXO and installed a Snow Peak flat burner in the center. I’m planning to have a BBQ here because my relatives will be coming.”

Of course, the tabletop accessories are also well thought out. Bang and Olsen speakers are chosen for their good sound quality and are there is also a Solor lantern shade that is sold out and is hard to come by.

Somabit’s triangular rack is set with a Sierra cup from the garage camp store. There is also a Cambrian lantern from Hockley Lamp & Limelight.


A NEMO tent and shelter that are easy to arrange.

Yoshihisa Hayashi, Rei, Haruto

The Hayashi families site with a large tent wagon top from NEMO and a large Hexalite shelter. After purchasing Hexalite for solo camp, it was easy to use, so they also prepared a wagon top garage.

“Nemo’s tents and tarps are easy to set up, and unlike the TC curtain, they aren’t bulky. It’s nice to have various arrangements.”

A Hexa table, Shujiro, and Anacan’s Metahekite are used together in the living room. The Kermit chair with the original stripes from Natal design also leave a great impression.

This is NEMO’s wagon top garage attached to the tarp. Since the front room is large, it is possible to create a spacious living room here.

“I’m using Hexalite as a living room this time, but when it gets a little colder, I’m planning to make a living room in the front room of the wagon top garage. Both are useful because there is plenty of room for three family members.”


A “not loose” camping style by two female campers.

Rosu-san, Suzuri-san

Under the tarp designed by Tent-mark, there are a lot of rugged camping gear. Behind it is Zeku M, a popular tent from Zein Arts. This rugged site was built by a duo of female campers. I thought they were camping veterans, but today was their first overnight camp.

“I became interested in camping after watching the manga and anime Laid-Back Camp, and started to research various gears,” says Rosu. She seems to like rugged items to ride along with on a Jeep Wrangler, and as a result of collecting camp gear from that perspective for about half a year, the style is quite robust and impressive.

A highlander wood table, Kermit chair, and Helinox chair are available in the living room. A fur or blanket is set on the chair to prevent it from getting cold at night. The use of Sierra cups is also very admirable. They also have items from other favorite brands such as Somabito and village blacksmiths.

This is Zeku M, a popular model from Zein Arts. The key point is the unique construction that eliminates the disadvantages of one pole. The first tent they bought was the Zeku M, which was the choice of a seasoned camping pro.

“It’s a campsite that doesn’t seem like a duo of girls. I was really into watching ‘Yurucamp’, but it turns out our campsite is pretty strict (laughs).”

Photo/Taizo Shukuri