See the latest autumn camp style! Full of fashionable and functionally discerning sites # 2

2 years ago

THE CAMP STYLE SNAP  in Fumotoppara@2020.10

The autumn / winter camp where you can enjoy bonfires and outdoor food is about to begin !! So, check out the fashionable campers’ sites at the popular vehicle campsite “Fumotoppara” as the venue for GO OUT CAMP!

By the way, at “Fumotoppara”, October was designated as “Camp Strengthening Month” like GO OUT, and a huge signboard was set up for a limited time.

All-in-one style that can store all gears in the tent.

OWNER: Kazuhiko Ueno

Mr. Ueno, who loves Pepo, an A-frame tent designed by Tent-mark. He put a high cot because it is floorless, so there is still plenty of space for solo campers.

“The deciding factor for purchasing this tent is the size that allows you to store all the gear you have inside the curtain. If you put a table or chair next to the cot, it will fit very well.”

Therefore, you can enjoy the blue sky living room without tarp in the daytime, and rebuild the living room in the tent in the evening. At night, you can enjoy solo camping in an all-in-one style, where everything is completed within the tent.

This Montbell multi-fielding table is just the right size to use in a tent.

A Swedish Husqvarna ax is also available for chopping wood. The logos firewood rack table goes great with the Snow Peak bonfire.

Yeti coolers have custom stickers on them. The field rack that groups them together is a bespoke color model from Onren.


A low-style living room where you can spend time with your dog.

OWNER: Takamitsu Okabe, Maiko, Akari

“I’ve always dreamed of camping with a jeep since I was a kid,” says Okabe. To achieve this, I got the Asgard 7.1, a large tipi tent from Nordisk, along with the Wrangler in anvil color.

In addition, a twin pole shelter for camping enthusiasts is also available to help create a space where families can relax.

The living room built underneath is the ultimate low style with a blanket of tarpaulins. It seems like it is arranged like this to make their dog enjoy it from the same perspective as much as possible.

The lead of his dog, Pero, is an excellent elite model with a hanging chain design. All of these small details help to solidify and peg down the style of the campsite

Margs’ bonfire shark is an excellent item that can be cooked with using the grill despite its compact size. Mr. Okabe’s dream has come true, and his next goal is a rugged solo camp. He would also like to try bushcraft in the future.


Well-balanced and smart arrangement of wood and iron gears.

Kazu-san, Noriko-san, Soa-kun, Riko-chan

The tent and tarp are the Solm version from Tent-mark design, and the table and chairs are unified with wood furniture from Black Design, to give the site of the Kazu family a strong thematic touch.

Originally it was a living room installed under the tarp, but due to the good weather, it was deployed in front of the tarp until the evening. The tent has two entrances and is designed to be accessible from both inside and outside the tarp, so it is has extremely good ventilation.

This is the camp furniture from Black Design that has a perfect balance between a stylish feeling and a natural atmosphere.

“I was particular about the balance of wood and iron gears. I tried not to be too biased to either side,” they said regarding the concept of creating a space that is not too rugged.

Among them, my favorite gear is the ideal LED lantern and frame pot, which I fell in love with at first sight at Tsutaya Home Appliances, this type of LEDs with fluctuating lights are rare. By setting it in a prominent position, it becomes a key feature of the site.

Deviceworks Sierra cups and Petromax frying pans are also hung from homemade stands along with Device Works tapestries.


NorTent’s gamme lovers gather for the first time at “Gamme Village”.

Norwegian tent brand, NorTent. This is “Gamme Village”, a collection of lovers of the Gamme series, a classic model of NorTent. yamaya400 gathered people via Instagram, and today is the first gathering.

yamaya400, kozbeat

Such yamaya400’s site integrates the tent and tarp through the tarp pole through the hole for the wood stove of the gamme. It is a key point of the black-based tent site.

Of course, the gears lined up underneath are also fully thought out. Among them, the Kermit chair that’s customized by Old Mountain is my favorite.

The popular garage brand ASIMO Crafts bonfire and Sanzoku Mountain’s triangular table are also a popular combination.

Somabit’s Pararail hanger has a curtain, so it also has a windproof effect when used near a bonfire.

“Gamme looks tough, so many people have garage brand gear that matches that mood. This is the first time I’ve met everyone here today though (laughs).”

By the way, this joint camp “Gamme Village” seems to be held regularly in the future, and anyone who owns a gamme can participate. Check Instagram (@ yamaya400) for details !!

Photo/Taizo Shukuri