See the latest autumn camp style! Full of fashionable and functionally discerning sites # 3

3 years ago

THE CAMP STYLE SNAP  in Fumotoppara@2020.10

The autumn / winter camp where you can enjoy bonfires and outdoor food is about to begin !! So, check out the fashionable campers’ sites at the popular vehicle campsite “Fumotoppara” as the venue for GO OUT CAMP!

By the way, at “Fumotoppara”, October was designated as “Camp Strengthening Month” like GO OUT, and a huge signboard was set up for a limited time.


The layout that connects cars togethers is wonderful! A compact and warm site.

OWNERTake and Nagomi

Due to the unfortunate bad weather, here is the site of a couple who connected their car, tarp, and even a tent to prevent rain from entering. It’s a very convenient layout when putting gears in and out of the car when setting up and putting them away.

On this day, Sabbatical’s new tent, Gillia, is the main tent. A small but all-in-one style with cots on the left and right and a living space in the center. It will be helpful for the site layout in cold weather, where you want to spend all day in a warm space.

A black design halle table that doubles as the kitchen and main table. An optional iron plate was attached, to prevent burn marks from the fire.

The chair is also of the same brand, and it is convenient to have a removable rockin’ foot. Mouton purchased online is an essential item for measures against cold weather.

I also want to pay attention to the Uniframe field rack used as a luggage storage. Since the stove was placed indoors that day, the area where the heat hits was raised one step.

A wood-burning stove that can be cooked with was placed under the tarp to create a bonfire space that doubles as a kitchen. This stove is a Takibee can from the garage brand “Iron Field Gear” from Kagawa. If you use the top plate, you can stew or boil, and if you use the room available, you can cook pizza in the oven.


A full line up of quirky gears. A rugged but warm family camp.

OWNER: Papa Jet, Mama Koda, Little Ao

The Jet family enjoyed camping at the site, which has a unique shape tent that I have never seen, and iron gear placed under the tarp.

In addition to the honey badger works tent that was just released, the area around the bonfire is characterized by a narrow lineup of gears with unusual designs, such as those purchased online from garage brands and individual craftsmen.

It’s time to get colder, so this time they set up a living room in the tent. They also introduced a kotatsu that can be easily used outdoors using bean charcoal. In the summer, the large front room, which can be fully opened will be very useful.

It seems that they choose their equipment based on the principle of and hard material = black, fabric = beige items are selected. As a result, the entire site is naturally cohesive.

The number of people working from home has increased, and the time to spend on DIY has increased. So they made their own lantern case and spice box. By painting the OSB plywood, the material looks like a pattern. A tape that can be hooked and stored like a mall system is attached to the outside.


Everything is within reach. Minimal layout with a perfect flow.


This is TTO’s second solo camp. He usually enjoys camping with his family, so the solo layout is still under trial and error. Since he was with my friends on this day, he secured the minimum private space with the minimum gear.

Bandock’s Solo Tipi 1TC, which can be used like an anterior chamber when the side flaps are flipped up, is used as the primary, and the tarp is overprotected by extending the anterior chamber. Both are made of polycotton, so you can enjoy the bonfire even in the rain.

The room is large enough for one adult to use so all the kitchens and living room items are placed here. Gears are lined up within reach of everything from low-style chairs, and items such as cups and plates make use of ground-based tables made from scraps.

It’s a nice idea to use a canvas tote bag instead of a storage rack. By arranging the bags on the seat of the Oregonian camper, just put your luggage here and the flow line is perfect for easy use.

As the cold weather has become severe, he chose a mat with a thickness of 8 cm to shut out the cold from the ground. The central pole is also in the perfect position to hook lanterns and luggage.


Pay attention to the self-customization that improves usability.


Mr. H, who has been enjoying camping with his friends for 30 years, has a site layout that secures a living space for two people to relax at night. The tarp was put up like a tent roof to prevent rain from entering through the gaps.

The tent is a DOD Happfu tent with a military-like design. In line with that, the gears used are unified in a rugged atmosphere with black as the main color. The tarp of the Soumloom is made of polycotton, so the bonfire gear can be placed under the tarp without any problem.

The table that doubles as a kitchen is also from the Soom Loom, and is a unique item that can be expanded by combining two tables with a top plate and hanger parts. He bought it because he was attracted to the fact that it was light and compact. Hammock-shaped storage under the top plate seems to be convenient as well.

The DOD bench is easy to use because it can be stored under the seat. He found a top plate with the right width at the home center and put it on the seat to use it as a storage shelf. The black of the frame goes well with Mr. H’s military gear.

The bedroom is a comfortable space using Nature Hike cots. A rug that he found at a home improvement store is laid on the floor to prevent the bottom from getting cold. This tent has a large tarp area that becomes the front room, so this one may be enough for solo camping too.