Only 1kg. An ultra-lightweight shelter is coming soon from the popular Paago Works series.

3 years ago

A floorless shelter will be released from “PAAGO WORKS”, which continues to produce innovative gear that is lightweight, compact, and highly functional. Weighing only 1,150g, this is a must see for minimalist-oriented solo campers.

A must-see floorless shelter for solo campers.


This is the “NINJA SHELTER” that is set to be released soon. The rugged form reminiscent of the US Pap is set up with the two attached poles.

Since there is a skirt, it is difficult for the wind to blow in, and by making use of that skirt, the height can be adjusted from 120 to 140 cm.

If you prepare the two poles separately, you can lift up the flap. In terms of size, for a solo it’s a spacious and luxurious area. This is a shelter that can even accommodate 2-3 people.

The photo shows the separately sold “NINJANEST” as an inner, which is properly used as a tent. Of course, a rugged style that does not use this innerwear is also OK.


Scroll-like storage unique to the NINJA series.

Befitting the name “NINJA”, it is stored in a scroll like shape. It weighs only 1,150g and is a great specification for solo campers who want to make their luggage lightweight and compact.

It will go on sale in late November, and I can’t wait to see it on the official online store.



Size: 380 x 220 x 140 cm

Weight: 1,150g (main body and 2 poles)

Material: 20D polyester (silicon / PU coating)

Accessories: Storage staff bag, 2 poles, 8 pegs, 4 guy lines, 1 roll of guide tape.

■Paago Works tel:042-312-2865