Tent-Mark’s huge solo tent is creates a secret hideaway with a garage style.

3 years ago

“Tent-Mark DESIGNS”, which is known for a series of hits with their attractive tents such as the “Circus” series, will release another fascinating new design. It is a new take on a solo tent designed with the image of a man’s secret base and garage in mind.

Create a camp surrounded by your favorite gear.

garage tent ¥76780

Tent-Mark’s new tent is appropriately called the “garage tent”. It was designed with the image in mind of a garage where camping gear is lined up. The concept is for solo campers, despite the large size with a length approaching 3m. There is enough space so you can fully prepare camp gear, and is being aimed at people who want a large selection of tools even when camping solo.

Since it is a lodge type, there is little dead space and the height is sufficient, so you can walk around inside. An inner tent is included, so you can change your clothes while standing. This spacious area where you can be surrounded by a lot of camping gear seems to show its true value when camping for consecutive nights.


Specifications that can match any season.

The garage tent is not just a large tent, but a tent with ingenuity in every small detail. Mesh is installed in all the doorways to provide as much ventilation as possible in the summer. The ceiling is lined with a light-shielding TC sheet to reduce sunlight and prevent condensation from collecting.

Even if you are camping in the rain, you can open the windows with a canopy and enjoy the scenery. In addition, the vents located in all 6 locations have been devised so that they can be opened even in the rain without allowing the inside to get wet.

The “Garage tent” is a new concept tent for camping gear lovers. The proposal to create a secret base / garage surrounded by camping gear is novel, and I have a feeling that it will likely attract many fans.

The release is scheduled for mid-December. Check the details on the official Tent-Mark Design website.



Storage size (main body): Approx. W700 x D300 x H300 mm

Storage size (pole unit): Approx. W660 x D250 x H250 mm

Setup size (fly sheet): Approx. W2,310 x D2,830 x H2,120 mm

Setup size (inner tent): Approx. W2,050 x D1,000 x H1,980 mm

Total weight: Approximately 25.9kg

Water pressure resistance (roof): 1,500 mm

Water pressure resistance (inner floor): 1,500 mm

■tent-Mark DESIGNS https://www.tent-mark.com/