The North Face’s new connectable tent series is now on sale!

2 years ago

While new tents are being announced by many different outdoor brands this season, the most talked about is the latest offering from world famous brand “THE NORTH FACE”, the pioneer of dome-shaped tents based.

The key feature of this new series is that you can connect tents of different sizes, and it became a hot topic when it was first introduced in the 2021 featured gear special. Now it is finally on sale, so, let’s review and take a look at it again!!

The main feature of the new series called “Eva” is expandability that allows you to create a large living space with a seperate living room or bedroom by connecting three tents of different sizes.

The lineup includes a dome-shaped shelter that can also be used as a 6-person tent, a 4-person tent, and a 2-person tent, and it is designed so that the shelter can be connected as a hub.

A 6-person size shelter that serves as a hub when connected. With a ceiling height of about 2m, it can be used as a kitchen or living space in where you can easily move around while standing. Evabase 6 ¥ 66000

Each tent can also be used separately. For example, the compact 2 person tent for solo camping, 4 person tent for a duo camp, and the 4 person + shelter for family camping trips and to store full equipment for group camps, etc. You can use them according to your camping style and needs!

This is the tent for 4 people with a double wall out frame. A hanging inner tent is attached, and it can be used with just the outer. Evacargo 4 ¥ 31900

In addition, each model has a double-walled inner, so it can be used as a bedroom, and it also comes with a snow skirt that can be used during all four seasons.

The two-person tent with the same specifications as the “Eva cargo 4”. It is a small size with a weight of about 3.76 kg and a storage capacity of 64 x 20 cm. Evacargo 2 ¥ 20900

Not only does this new collection look great but it is also packed full of useful functions. The solid and stylish in New Taupe Green typical of The North Face.

It is planned that to be released at The North Face store from 4/3 (Sat), but at the official online store, the first round of sales at the end of March sold out immediately and they are already waiting for additional stock. Because it’s so popular, if you are interested make sure to buy it as soon as possible!!

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