A new tent that is also perfect for beginners from Muraco that is comfortable, wind resistant, and is easy to set up.

2 years ago

A newly designed tent is about to be released from “Muraco”, which also has a strong apparel line previously introduced in this article. It is a new work that emphasizes balance such as comfort, wind resistance, and ease of setup while maintaining the solid shape and chic color that is synonymous with Muraco.

New Series「NORM

NORM 2P ¥42000

The newly developed tent is called “NORM”. Based on their experience gained from the development of tents so far, they have summarized the elements required for tents to create an all rounder, with comfort, wind resistance, light weight and ease of setting up.

The simplistic yet elegant design in all black truly transfers Muraco’s essence into the outdoors.


Maximum capacity: 2 people

Weight: 3200g

Setup size: W140 x D330 x H111 cm

Storage size: W47 x D19 x H19 cm

NORM 3P ¥56000

This is Muraco’s first three-person model. It’s perfectly spacious for a duo or a couple + children. The tent consists of a fly sheet and an inner tent, but because it has an out-frame structure, it can also be used as a shelter without attaching an inner.


Maximum capacity: 3 people

Weight: 3800g

Setup size: W200 x D380 x H118 cm

Storage size: W50 x H22 x D22 cm


Details that draw from previous experience.

There are two entrances in the front and back. The fastener is a curved shape, so you can go in and out with a single slide.

The fly sheet is 40D ripstop nylon with a water pressure resistance of 1,500 mm, and also has a water repellent coating and a water resistant PU coating. The inner floor has a similar coating and uses 68D ripstop polyester with a water pressure resistance of 3,000 mm.

The frame pole is A7001 aluminum alloy with black alumite treatment. And the sleeve through which it passes is not a tunnel type but is flat. As a result, wind resistance is improved, and drainage and snow removal performance are excellent.

The frame pole is inserted into connecting parts at the bottom of the flysheet. The end of the pole is not made of aluminum but made of high-strength duralumin. The connecting parts it connects to are made of steel.

Release is scheduled for November 5th (Friday). You can purchase it at this brand official website and dealers nationwide. By the way, a gray color will be released next spring. Check the gallery at the end of the article for more images.

■tel:0120-351-665 https://muracodesigns.com/