A tent that can be built in any shape you want!? Up and coming domestic brand FIELD RECORD hits the market.

4 years ago

Kyoei Design, who continue to create unique products in the world of interior and knick knack style goods, have launched their new brand FIELD RECORD.

Kyoei Design are renowned for creating popular brands with products packed with unique ideas such as DVDs that can be used to turn TVs into personalized lighting, and umbrella stands that can be used to water plants via water controlling water drips.

Field Record is no different when it comes to Kyoei Designs original and unique design concepts.

FIELD RECORD「The FR shelter」¥52596

The FR shelter is a one of a kind connected deformation type shelter than can create various different shapes by connecting the multiple parts in different ways.

The curtain like body has 10 water proof fasteners and 12 strong Velcro points, and can be used in combination with a special pole system that can be used freely to create the shape you want.

The shelter is very flexible as its can be changed to accommodate different numbers of people, adapt to the size of the installation area and the weather. A dedicated inner mesh is also available.

FIELD RECORD「FR-chair carbon」¥16848

The FR Carbon Chair is a super lightweight chair used in combination with the optional FR-CDP Trekking Pole

The main body pole is also made using 3K carbon and the weight of the chair excluding the trekking pole is only 510g. In order to prevent overturning due to strong winds, which is often a weak point of lightweight chairs it has been equipped with peg loops.

FIELD RECORD「FR-sakosshu titanium parts set」¥4104

The FR Sacoche Titanium Parts Set is made of silicon coated ripstop nylon. The strap features a Dyneema Guyline that reflects light in the dark and the length can be adjusted with a titanium free metal fitting.

A titanium carabiner that connects the strap and the body can also be attached to the loop on the back of the FR Carbon Chair.

Keep an eye out for Field Records who have 14 different items launching including other items such as titanium pegs.

FIELD RECORD https://www.fieldrecord.jp/