Ogawa announces a new tent for 2022! Check out the large tent with a powerful curved shape.

2 years ago

The long-established outdoor brand Ogawa, which has a history of more than 100 years, has announced a new model for 2022. Among the 2022 models, the large dome tent “Cupola”, which has a beautiful curved shape and stands out in the Ogawa lineup which features various large tents, is attracting particular attention.


Ogawa’s new model “Cupola” is scheduled to be released in February 2022. It is a large dome tent with a curved shape reminiscent of MOSS’ Optimum and Snow Peak’s Spearhead.

The structure is based on a tunnel-type framework, but by adding a pole, it has both a unique stylish curved form and high rigidity. It is characteristic that the eaves and the main door panel are placed in the centre.

The floor is large enough to sleep up to 8 people (570 x 285 cm). The highest central part has a height of 200 cm, so most people can stand up comfortably.

Since the ground sheet is removable and has a separate structure, it can be freely laid out from full floor to completely floorless.

You can set it up on only one side to create a large living space inside the curtain, using only the central part with the entrance as a bedroom on both sides, or make it floorless and use it as a spacious banquet curtain. It is a large tent that can be used in various ways.

It comes with an inner tent that uses TC material with excellent breathability. There is also a large ventilation on the top, making it cool to spend time in even during the summer.



Size: 570 x 285 x H200 cm

Storage size / 70 x 34 x 34 cm

Weight: Gross weight (excluding accessories) … 15.95 kg / Accessories weight … Approximately 5.01 kg

Material: Fly … Polyester 75d (Water pressure resistant 1,800mm) / Inner … TC, Polyester 75d (Inlet only, water pressure resistant 1,800mm) / Ground sheet … Polyester 210d (Water pressure resistant 1,800mm) / Pole … 6061 Aluminum alloy (φ14. 5mm, φ13mm), 7001 Aluminum alloy (φ8.5mm)

Accessories: Tension rope, iron hammer, steel pin, storage bag