The long-awaited new line-up from Zane Arts !! Introducing the full range from a “2-room shelter” to small LED lanterns!

2 years ago

The outdoor brand ZANE ARTS from Matsumoto, which has been receiving a lot of attention, even from the daily Japanese television program “Jonetsu Tairiku”, has announced a new series! Here we will introduce the full range including a new style “2-room shelter” that combines one pole and framework and a compact LED lantern with outstanding usability.

The “LOLO” is both easy to set up and comfortable.


The “LOLO” is a new style “2-room shelter” that combines the ease of setting up a one-pole style tent with the wide space created by the open framework. Peg down the 4 corners and insert the center pole to easily set up the foundation structure and then all you have to do is set the frame to create the front room.

The bottom area is a typical two-room size, but the living space has a unique shape that does not leave any unused dead space, so it is also a key feature that you can use the space effectively without worrying about the layout.


The size is large enough for 4 adults to sleep comfortably, and an inner tent for 4 to 5 people is also standard equipment. The high ceiling makes it easy get dressed in and is easy to enter and exit, so you can spend your time camping stress free and in excellent comfort.

Since the mesh is mounted over a wide area, it is comfortable even in the summer season when there are a lot of insects. If the ventilator at the rear is also opened, the ventilation can be further improved. Also, in the chilly seasons of early spring and autumn, the panel can be fully closed to block cold air from entering.


Material: Body: 75D silicone polyester ripstop, light-shielding PU processing (water pressure resistance 1,500 mm) Inner tent (wall) … 68D polyester taffeta Inner tent (bottom)… 150D polyester ox / PU processing (water pressure resistance 1,500mm)

Gross weight: 17kg


A compact rechargeable LED lantern, the “ZIG”.


The “ZIG” is a compact size rechargeable LED lantern optimized for use in shelters and tents. The three elements of the diffusion in the upper ring, reflection in the central cylinder, and diffusion in the lower funnel effectively spread the LED light from the side to just below, ensuring that the required area inside the shelter is fully illuminated. The central part is equipped with a U1 / 4 inch screw (camera screw standard), so it can be set on a camera tripod.


With a maximum light intensity of 200 lumens, it can be used for 7 hours, so enough for one full night. When lit, the Zane Arts logo engraved on the central cylinder is illuminated due to the shadow effect, which is also a nice little touch.



Size: Φ44 × 104mm

Weight: 115g

Material: Body … Resin / Heat sink … Aluminum / Bottom … Rubber / Hook / Screw … Stainless steel

Battery: Lithium-ion battery 18650 type

Battery capacity: 9.0Wh (3.65V, 2480mAh)

Brightness: up to 200lm

Color temperature: 3000 Kelvin (warm colors)

Irradiation time: 7-55 hours

Charging time: Approximately 3.5 hours

Usable temperature range: -10 to 35 ° C

Rechargeable temperature range: 0 to 35 ° C

Waterproof performance: IPX4

USB external connection: USB Type-C 5V / 1.0A


The “COZ HOLDER”, a cup holder that can be set on a pole.


The “COZ HOLDER” is a holder for cups that can be set on the poles of tarps and shelters. In addition to a Sierra cup, it can also hold a tumbler by using the attached adapter.


With a load capacity of 2 kg, 10 ordinary Sierra cups can be stacked on top of each other, so if you use it as a place to store Sierra cups, you can prevent clutter on your camp table.

It is available in two sizes, φ30 and φ32, the pole sizes often used in tarps and one-pole shelters.


A vacuum tumbler called the “STACKING TUMBLER” with lots of attention to detail.

ZANE ARTS “STACKING TUMBLER” Black ¥ 1155 / Silver ¥ 1045 

The “STACKING TUMBLER” is a vacuum insulation tumbler that is space-saving and smart to carry because it can be stacked. It’s designed so that the entire bottom of the tumbler doesn’t completely overlap when stacked, so it doesn’t spread dirt or grease to other tumblers, making it very convenient when eating and drinking outdoors.

The capacity is 300 ml, and it is finished in a tapered shape with just the right size to fit smaller hands. In addition, the tumbler is full of small attention to details, such as the thickness of the drinking end, and the round bottom that is easy to stir when milk or sugar is added to coffee and also makes it easy to wash after use.



Size: φ89 x 91 mm

Full capacity: 300 ml

Weight: 125g

Material: 18-8 stainless steel


“ROOBE” is resin cutlery that does not make any noise.


ZANE ARTS “ROOBE” sporks ¥ 110 / forks ¥ 110 / spoons ¥ 110

“ROOBE” is cutlery that is made from resin and performs all the functions you would expect from metal cutlery. The lineup includes three types of: spoons, forks, and sporks which are common in Asia, which has a lot of noodle based food.

Most outdoor resin cutlery is designed with a straight handle and head, but the Roobe is angled to produce a shape that matches the curve of the plate or bowl. Since the cross section of the handle is concave, it is easy to hold, and the cutlery can be stacked and stored neatly and easily.

Since it is made of resin, it is a nice point that there is no sound made even when combined with metal tableware such as Sierra cups.



Material: Polypropylene

Size: 170mm

Weight: Spoon … 10g / Fork … 8g / Spoke … 9g

Heat resistant temperature: 100 ℃