The first tent from wood panel furniture specialists YOKA!

4 years ago

Yoka are well known for their popular lineup of wood panel furniture and bonfire sets and are now releasing their first tent model.

The tent is a one pole tipi design with a military color scheme and looks like a really unique gem.


Functionality, style and attention to detail.  

YOKA TIPI   ¥31320

“When I first used the Yoka items with military camping gear I was really surprised how it made such a cool camp site! That’s when I realized this was an opportunity to begin tent production” said Yoka designer Kakuda. Real military camp gear is heavy and difficult to use so this was a new opportunity and design challenge.

The existing ripstop nylon fabric did not have the desired color so it was ordered very thin and dyed from the fabric.

The main aim behind the Yoka Tipi is to create a military style tent that utilizes lightweight and durable nylon. The color is an exquisite military like shade of brown that glitters green in sunlight and is achieved by finely dying the fabric.

Incorporates a skirt shape to suppress interstitial wind.

Tipi style tents are quick to set up and therefore popular with the designer. The dimensions of the tent are 270 x 270 x 175cm and can easily accommodate 2 people. The bottom part has a section that doubles as a skirt to prevent wind entering.

The outer reflector increases night visibility.

Zippered entrances are arranged at the front and rear with reflectors on the outer surface. As well as providing nighttime safety it also makes it easy to find in the dark. Because the tipi style tent is in direct contact with the ground, waterproof sheets and cots are essential.


Expected to be released this year!

A chimney hole will be added to allow for the use of a stove. 

The prototype was finished at the beginning of September 2019, however there may be some detail changes before the final release. Commercials are also sure to follow soon. We will be reporting on the final product again when its released so keep an eye out for more news.