A new limited edition “Coyote” color is now available for Muraco’s popular tent!!  

9 months ago

“Orange” is an outdoor select shop that captures the hearts of everyone from beginners to experienced campers with its cutting-edge product lineup and item development. This season’s limited bespoke products continue to be a hot topic, and the next collaboration partner is outdoor gear brand “muraco”. 

The two companies have built a good relationship since the brand started in 2016. Until now, Muraco has had a policy of not collaborating with a single shop to create bespoke orders so make sure to check out this special color version of their popular tent!!

BLACK BEAK 2P ¥44000

This is a two-person tent that combines excellent strength and lightness, using 40 denier ripstop nylon and A7001 aluminum alloy for the frame poles. It is Ideal for motorcycle touring and solo camping, and has large ventilation on the left and right above the fly sheet to keep the interior comfortable during summer.

The front room is accessible from both sides and has a plenty of space for storing boots, backpacks, and other camping gear.

The inner tent is a hanging type that hooks onto the inside of the fly sheet, making it easy to set up.

With an out-frame structure that uses three poles, you can create a spacious shelter by removing the inner tent.

The storage bag is large enough to pack all the accessories easily, so there is no stress when unpacking.

The current inline line-up only consists of black and gray, so this orange coyote, which is a custom-made color, is easy to fit in at forest camp sites and has a cool atmosphere. This must-see tent is now on sale on the official website.