A new tan color limited to Japan joins 3 popular MSR tent & tarp models.

1 year ago

Japan-only tan colors have joined the MSR tents and tarps lineup. Speaking of MSR tents, they are known for a strong image of a stylish two-tone red and white color that catches the eye even in natural surroundings, but the new limited tan colors are easy to harmonize with nature and is easy to coordinate with camping gear.

The limited tan color appears for three models: the “Elixir”, “Habitude”, and “Rendezvous”.

Elixir 1 ¥35200 Elixir 2 ¥42900 / Elixir 3 ¥50600 / Elixir 4 ¥67100

The popular backpacking tent the “Elixir” is known for its high cost performance. It is the most easily livable model in the MSR backpacking tent series, and the lineup is great for use from one to four people. The Elixir is also available in green, so the popular lineup of earth based colors is now complete.

Habitude 4 ¥79200 / Habitude 6 ¥95700

The new tan color joins MSR’s first family tent the “Habitude”, which features a bright blue fly. It is spacious enough to change clothes in while standing up, making it a large model perfect for families and groups. It is very easy to set up, and the poles are crossed at multiple points, so it is strong and can be used safely even in bad weather.

Rendezvous Sunshield 120 Wing ¥41800 / Rendezvous Sunshield 200 Wing ¥57200

As for the tarp, the new tan color also appears for the wing tarp “Rendezvous Sun Shield Wing” with a beautiful 7-point 3D design that can be easily recognized as an MSR model at a glance. You can create a full campsite by unifying the colors with Elixir and Habitude.