Welcome to the amusement spa “Opark Ogose” where you can experience luxury camping (Campsite file #26 Camp site baths).

4 years ago

Have you ever thought “It would be great to be able to take a bath while camping”? Here we will introduce a specialist spa campsite where that wish can be fulfilled!

This time we visited the Opark Ogose spa camp resort that can be found in Iruma-Gun, Saitama prefecture


Experience a unique spherical tent that floats in the air!

Opark Ogose is a unique amusement spa campsite in Satoyama, Saitama prefecture where you can enjoy both camping and large hot springs. Recently renewed the camp sit re opened on 1st August 2019.

Of particular note are the large spherical tents that are suspended in mid air between the trees. Once you cross the suspension bridge, you can enjoy a unique form of camping floating in the air.

In addition a new “glamping” area has been opened with permanent tipi style tents set up. Even beginners to the camping scene can enjoy a luxurious camp experience.

Of course there is also a site area where cars can enter! The inside of the camp site has a gravel floor which is good for water drainage so that’s another great point.


A luxury trailer cabin and a fully equipped log house are also available!

The trailer cabin which has been created since spring 2019 allows you to enjoy luxurious glamping. The room is fully air conditioned as well as having a living room and fully functional kitchen and the bedroom area is divided into two rooms making it great for groups. 

The deck area is equipped with the latest BBQ equipment and also has a retractable roof so you can enjoy a BBQ even if it’s raining.

There is also a log cabin that can accommodate up to 10 people and comes equipped with full air conditioning, kitchen and toilet. With prices from 6000yen this is also reasonably priced so anyone can enjoy the camping experience in comfort.

Novel dome shaped shelters based upon local mascot characters “Umerin” and “Moromaru-kun” are also available. These special themed rooms are great for children and fans of the characters.


An amusement spa boasting 13 different types of bath.

The Opark Ogose bath area “Ogosenoyu” is luxurious amusement spa. There are 13 different types of bath including indoor baths, Jacuzzi and a bedrock bath in the sauna.

There are many different events that families can take part in such as seasonal baths that use “umeyu” and “yuzu” and other local specialties, as well as writing new year cards using Japanese Cyprus and floating them in the bath. All campers can access the baths once they have purchased a bathing ticket.  

※One-time tickets and night time discounts are also available.

There is also a bathing suit hot spring that the whole family can enjoy. During the hot summer months the water temperature is lowered so it can be enjoyed like a swimming pool. At nighttime popular night events are held in the pools for couples and groups.

・Spa Time:10:00~22:00
・Spa Fee(Unlimited entry):(1day)Adults 980yen, Children 580yen(2days)Adults 1480yen, Children 580yen ※Free until 2 years old.


Enjoy camping and hot springs with Opark!

A variety of camping areas such as unique and luxurious tents and log cabins that have recently renewed are available and are all reasonably priced. The available spa area makes Opark Ogose a perfect match for people who love hot springs and the great outdoors. 

Why don’t you visit for yourself and experience the luxurious camp and spa experience?

Opark Ogose
・Address:3083-1 Ueno, Iruma-Gun, Ogose-machi, Saitama
・Business hours: All year(Closed every second thursday)
・Check In/Check Out:<Partition site>12:00/10:00 <Log cabin>16:00/10:00 <Trailer cabin>15:00/11:00
・Price:<partition site>3,150yen~ <Log cabin>6,480yen~/1 building <Trailer cabin>17,600円/1 building  ※Tax included
・Facilities:Partition site/Auto camp/Trailer house/Log house/Glamping
・Garbage:Separation processing
・Official website:https://opark.jp/