Setagaya Shop Walk Part 1. Hidden gems!

4 years ago

Is the Setagaya area a hotbed of unique hidden shops?

Online shopping might be convenient but visiting brick and mortar stores can unveil and uncover hidden secrets and gems you would otherwise miss out on. Go Out helps to guide you around the best physical stores with our select tours.

Setagaya is an area of Tokyo well known as a residential and shopping district. However there are a surprising number of conceptual unique stores, so allow us to carefully guide through the myriad secrets of Setagaya.

Helping us with this tour are long-term Setagaya residents Mr Kumazaka or Fridge fame and Mr Yamane from FCE,

In addition to these 2 owners stores Fridge Setagaya and Nordisk Camp Supply Store by Root we will of course travel through the shopping streets of Shoin Shrine. Let’s start with Fridge Setagaya!

【SHOP1】fridge setagaya

Fridge Setagaya is a select shop that transmits a unique presence and atmosphere along Setagaya Street. From high-end foreign import brands to carefully selected second hand clothing,  as well as a wide range of knick knacks on display outside, Fridge is a unique retail shopping experience.

Mr Yamane is a long term fan of the store. “It’s a shop that has so much variety, I get excited that I’m going to discover something new every time I go!”

Mr Kumazaka can often be found tending to the stores and customers himself but today he is on the other side of the counter and selects the items he wants as a customer. “This summer we have plenty of Fridge-like items our customers have to come to expect but we also have cold drinks in the actual fridge too haha!”

OnlyNY TREKKERS Shorts ¥14040

Mr Yamane discovered a pair of shorts from a NY skate brand with a 90s outdoor brand vibe and proclaimed “I want to wear these for this summer”!

“Only New York is one of my favorite brands from a long time ago but I don’t own any of their pieces yet. I think the logo is great and will match well with a shirt rather than a normal t shirt”.

LIXTICK Day Pack ¥12960

“I’ve really been into this day pack recently” said Kumasaka san with regards to a bag from the brand Lixtick. They are a brand primarily associated with socks but are releasing bags as well from this season in a wide range of colors.

“I just like the overall design. The size and layout of the pockets are perfect for what I need and is great for Tokyo lifestyles’”.

RYUJI KAMIYAMA parka ¥10800

Mr Yamane also showed interest in a parka from artist Ryuji Kamiyama’s original brand. This is a new item for the current season and features the brand tag being emblazoned on the sleeve.

“I’ve always been into punk so the word ‘nevermind’ on the graphic strikes a chord with me haha! The design is great too of course.”

Helinox×Monro Chair ¥25704

Lastly Mr Kumasaka introduced some unique items to us. The collaboration chair from Monro and Helinox is a classic item but the faux gold leather available in Fridge is certainly an eye catching one of a kind!

“It’s supposed to be an outdoor use chair so why make it out of faux leather haha? If it rains you can’t use it so it obviously becomes a piece of living room furniture!”

Next we’re going to head to the Shoin Shrine area but before that we can take a break on the seating on the porch of Fridge and have some casual conversation with the staff. It’s all part of the shopping experience here!


From Setagaya 1 chome (Kamimachi) where Fridge is located we next move on about 10 minutes down the road to the Shoin Shrine shopping street .Our 2 tour guides headed straight to Dask, a store well known on instagram and somewhere that Mr Kumazaka has always wanted to visit. If you travel by train, Shoin Shrine-Mae station is only 2 stops away from Kamimachi station on the Tokyu Setagaya line. The stores are all located close to the stations so access is easy.



Opened on 12th December 2018, Dask is a fresh take on select shops. The traditional Japanese style room is cleverly mixed with used vintage clothing, Japanese tableware and a street style aesthetic that blends together to create a unique atmosphere.

As soon as we enter the store “This selection is amazing! It really draws your attention” says Mr Kumazaka. “Obviously I also run my own store so I have a lot of respect for this place”.

“This is a store for customers who really know their stuff” Mr Yamane also exclaimed while examining the stores wears. “The fact they have a second floor as well means there’s plenty to explore, ill definitely be coming back”.

THUMPERS NYC T-shirt ¥7344

Meanwhile Mr Kumazaka has found an item of interest in a collaboration t shirt between Chiyo Fuji and Thumpers New York, a street brand from Brooklyn.

“This graphic is awesome! It perfectly fits the overall atmosphere of the store but unfortunately they only have a size L which is too small for me”

Ryota Aoki Dish ¥7020

Mr Kumazaka also commented on the tableware selection, “Recently I’ve really been into cooking”. Along with the unique tableware we decided to purchase a vermillion plate by ceramic artist Ryota Aoki.

“I’m interested in tableware and have been checking lots of different stuff out but this color of Japanese kitchenware is really rare”.

Inspired by Mr Kumazaka, Mr Yamane has settled on some sake ceramic bottles which are the work of Hideaki Numano. Photographed is a similar item that shares the unusual shape and design.

“This pattern really is interesting isn’t it? It really gives me the urge to drink cold sake! We can’t drink right now but next time we get a chance I want to make proper use of this”.

L.L. Bean anorak ¥7344

Yamane said also seemed to be interested in the L.L. Bean anorak displayed on the second floor. Even though it’s an early 80’s piece, it seems to be in great condition without any visible marks.

“I’m a collector of vintage and used outdoor wear so I want to add this to my collection, The color and sizing is perfect for me so I think it’s a must have item”.

Visiting Dask for the first time seemed like a great experience for our 2 guides and as it was they’re first time meeting the shop owner they made the most of the opportunity to speak on various topics with him.

After we finished at Dask we planned to move to our final destination, the Nordisk Camp Supply Store by Route but the 2 of them were still amped up from their last store visit and decided to walk around the Shoin Shrine district for a little while longer.

We will continue with our trip around Setagaya in the Part 2 introducing more unique and interesting shops such as a stylish second hand book shop. Make sure to check out part 2 which will be released next week.

Photo/Dai Yamamoto