Autumn camping car snap @ Go Out Camp Vol.15 #1

4 years ago

Just like our previous tent site snaps we will be introducing some of our favorite vehicle snaps from the Go Out Camp Vol.15 that was held between 27th to the 29th September.

It’s been cloudy grey skies so far but when you look up at the sky you can spot cracks of blue which make it feel like autumn. This time lots of eager campers have gathered to enjoy the great outdoors! 

There was a wide array of vehicles from mini vans to compact cars as well as SUVs.


【MITSUBISHI/DELICA D:5】A must have for outdoor oriented families!


The “Delica” is one of the few crossover minivans that incorporates SUV elements. It is perfect for families that enjoy the outdoors with features such as sliding doors and large interior.

“After cramming all the camping gear and a family of four into the car I felt we needed to increase the storage space so I added a roof rack”. On the roof rack they have 5 JKM Truck Cargo’s that can store up to 50L each, as well as a net for added stability.


TOYOTARAV4Check out this on trend SUV

OWNERMr Honami

This year this is the only RAV4 that we have come across! Mr and Mrs Honami fell in love with the RAV4 when they test drived it at the Go Out Camp Jamboree held in April 2019 and immediately reserved their own model.

Originally they regularly attended festivals and from there gradually became interested in camping and the outdoors scene, this is when they decided to purchase their vehicle. They attached the Thule rack (Canyon XT) as soon as they purchased the car which is a very popular accessory among campers.


FIATPandaA compact car chosen by an Italian car enthusiast!

OWNERMr Markon

The combination of the Back Country Burn MSR, the Hilberg Tarp 10 and the Fiat Panda all with a unified red color scheme creates a unique camp site atmosphere. 

The owner is a big fan of Italian motor vehicles and has a collection of famous cars such as the Cinque made famous in Lupin 3rd and Autobianchi Parila (175cc).

He chose this car purely for leisure activities so it comes equipped with 4WD for traversing rough terrain. It is a left hand drive and comes with 6 speed MT specifications. The speed line 5 spoke wheels are finished in a sleek black design that has excellent visual impact!


SUZUKISPACIA GEARThe playful and eye catching K-Car!


The new Suzuki is aimed purely at the outdoor freaks who enjoy models like the Hustler and new mode Jimny. The Spacia is a light weight wagon incorporates design elements found in SUV’s.

 The interior has lots of practical touches such as JKM’s tarpaulin cover, tissue cover and bucket mat. A rust resistant, lightweight aluminum roof rack (made by Showa Garage) is attached on the roof.

Photo & Text/Yasuo Sato