New Land Cruiser unveiled for the first time! Returning to its origins with the “250” series and the heavy-duty “70” series is also proudly reintroduced in Japan!

1 month ago

Toyota New Land Cruiser “250” Series Announced!

Since its creation in 1951, Toyota’s Land Cruiser has been loved around the world for over 70 years. The new “250” series was unveiled to the world for the first time on August 2nd (Japan time). At the same time, the re-introduction to Japan of the heavy-duty “70” series, which is also popular all over the world, was also announced.

The proponent of this new concept is “that person”

On August 2, 2023 (Japan time), the new “250” series Land Cruiser was unveiled to the world for the first time.

Since its birth in 1951, for more than 70 years, Toyota’s Land Cruiser has continued to evolve as a car that can go anywhere and challenge any environment. The new “250” series was unveiled to the world for the first time on August 2nd (Japan time).

According to Toyota’s classification this time, the Land Cruiser is a station wagon that constantly introduces the latest technology and evolves as a flagship (the current latest is the “300” series), as well as a heavy-duty model that requires high durability and drivability (currently the latest is the “70” series), and a light duty model (so-called “Prado” series) that provide ease of handling and comfort based on rough road driving performance. All of which help support people’s lives through the many practical uses. Although it has been developed, the new “250” series announced this time will be a light duty model. In other words, it can be said that it is a new “Prado”, but the concept is clearly a “return to their origins”. Therefore, this new model did not call itself part of the “Prado” series.

The new “250” series was developed under the slogan of “returning to the origin”.

Light-duty models tend to shift to high-end and luxurious lines as generations progressed. It should be a car that supports the lives of people and the local community, and light-duty models that support the lives of more people need to return to the original form that customers want. In response, the development team established the design concept of “TheLand Cruiser: A car that pursues simplicity and robustness, supports customers’ lives and practical use, and gains their trust.”.

Here are the standing positions of the Land Cruiser Series 300, 250, and 70.

Although the body size has increased, if you compare it is 65mm narrower than the conventional model.

The body sizes total length x width x height: 4925mm x 1980mm x 1870mm; the wheelbase is 2850mm

The mechanisms have been thoroughly brushed up!

The frame is a traditional ladder frame, but the structure has been revised.

As the core model of the Land Cruiser, the new “250” series adopts the same GA-F platform as the “300” series, and has greatly improved basic performance as an off-roader. Although the structure has been revamped, it uses a traditional ladder frame, which improves frame rigidity by 50% and overall vehicle rigidity by 30%. The suspension is a newly developed double wishbone with a high mount at the front and a trailing link axle at the rear. The wheel articulation (difficulty in lifting the tire), which is an index of rough road drivability, has been improved.

The power unit varies depending on the location, but currently, one type of gasoline and one type of diesel are initially planned for the Japanese market.

In addition, in order to achieve more powerful driving and environmental performance worthy of the name of Land Cruiser, the first hybrid system “T24A-FTS type gasoline 2.4 liter turbo hybrid DirectShift-8AT” gasoline engine “2TR-FE type 2.7 Five types of powertrains are available, up to ℓ Gasoline 6 Super-ECT. However, at present, the plans for introduction in Japan are 2 types, the “1GD-FTV type diesel 2.8 liter turbo DirectShift-8AT (maximum output 150 kW / maximum torque 500 Nm)” and the “2TR-FE type 2.7 liter gasoline 6 Super-ECT (maximum output 120 kW / maximum torque 246 Nm)” )”.

The interior and exterior incorporate a design that fuses tradition and modernity in pursuit of “Land Cruiser style.”

In addition to these, they have aimed to create the “Land Cruiser-likeness” by incorporating a package that pursues functionality and an interior and exterior design that fuses tradition and modernity, and as a “new-generation Land Cruiser”, it can be used both off-road and on-road. Ease of operation and comfort are improved, and advanced safety performance at the top level in its class is also aimed for.

The new Land Cruiser “250” series is a model that should be called “a light duty type (“Prado” type) but that is as close as possible to a station wagon (“300” series) even when viewed from its series number.

In Japan, it is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2024, including the special edition “First Edition”. Details, including vehicle specifications and prices, will be announced at a later date.

Hybrids will come to North America and China, where regulations are strict. In Japan, it will be introduced from 2.8L diesel/2.7L gasoline.


“250” Prototype Main Specifications

Length x Width x Height: 4925 (+100) x 1980 (+95) x 1870 mm (+20)

Wheelbase (mm): 2850 (+60)

* Values in parentheses are comparison values with conventional models


The heavy duty “70” will also be renewed and resold!!

“70” series (prototype) decided to be renewed and resold.

In addition, it was announced that the heavy-duty model Land Cruiser “70” will be reintroduced to Japan this winter. It features the adoption of a 2.8L diesel engine and 6AT that achieves both powerful driving performance and low fuel consumption, and continued adoption of a highly durable and highly reliable ladder frame, maintaining excellent off-road performance. At the same time, the on-road riding comfort is also improved. While inheriting the characteristics of the “70” series, it has evolved to match the times. As a result, all three Land Cruiser series will once again be available in Japan.


“70” prototype main specifications

Length x Width x Height (mm): 4890 x 1870 x 1920mm

Wheelbase: 2730mm

Engine: 1GD-FTV type diesel 2.8ℓ turbo

Maximum output: 150kW (204PS)

Maximum torque: 500Nm

Transmission: 6 Super ECT