Coleman and Nissan combine for new experiment! What does an X Trail with remote work specifications look like?

3 years ago

This collaboration is between outdoor brand ‘Coleman’ and the Nissan ‘x-Trail’ series. This model has been developed with the concept of a ‘remote work model’ that allows you to work wherever you want. Let’s take a look at how this works in the real world.


The keyword for this collaboration is ‘Quality’.

Remote working has attracted a lot of attention recently in work style reforms. When we speak about remote working, most of us imagine working from home but what if you could work while travelling or out in nature where you can truly unwind and come up with great ideas?

In order to support remote work in nature, Coleman and X-Trail have collaborated to develop this remote work model.

This model allows you to concentrate on work without stress by combining the ‘high quality space’ created by items such as Coleman’s excellent ‘Master Series’ and the ‘high quality movement’ and advanced technology such as the driving assist ‘ProPilot’ from the X-Trail.

Let’s take a look at what’s special about Coleman and X-trail respectively.


Matte Metallic finished X-Trail.

X-Trail is a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts love as part of their active lifestyle. The main feature of this remote work model is its coloring.

This model has adopted the ‘Executive Brown’ metallic matte finish to match well with Coleman’s Master Series. Rather than a sticky matte paint, it has a sandy grain finish that gives it a high quality feel and blends well in the outdoors. Additionally the doorknobs and wheels have been unified in black.

Coleman’s logo is shown on the rear in an eye catching three-dimensional emblem to signify the collaboration.


A sense of unity with the Master Series and color change.

Loaded onto this matte metallic finish X-Trail is items from Coleman’s Master Series such as the ‘Hexa Tarp II’, ‘Butterfly Table/120’ and the ‘Canvas Sling Chair’. This along with existing items that are great for remote work plus the color change make this collaboration a unique set.

The LED lantern ‘2 multi-panel lantern’ with two removable luminous panels and the ‘Excursion Cooler/30QT’ which is the perfect size for remote work is also painted in brown to unify with the Master Series.

Achieving a sense of unity between not only the location but also the car and its contents is essential for creating an environment where you can work comfortably and productively. 

It also comes with the Master Series inflated mat and sleeping bag, so you can take a nap in the X-Trail if you need to re-energize.


Our hands on impression of remote working…

We held a hands on testing event the other day when we took the new X-Trail work model to the campsite to properly test its remote working capabilities.

The test subject was Mr Tajimi who runs several restaurants in Tokyo. We asked hij\m for his thought the on the remote work model after hands on experience.

“The Coleman’s chair was very comfortable and easy to do work while sitting in.” in regards to the canvas sling chair which features a cotton canvas fabric that gently wraps around the body while sitting.

Rather than doing excessive administrative work tasks on an office computer this style of working might be best suited for relaxing in an attempt to come up with ideas and then putting these together on your computer.

Regarding the X-Trail itself “Even on rougher terrain there is a strong sense of stability because of the intelligent 4×4. I usually drive an old foreign car so I guess I was a great test subject for the X-Trail and I was really surprised at the comfort afforded by the technology when driving on the highway. It’s easier to concentrate on working afterward as I wasn’t tired from driving”.


Currently no plans for sale but we can hope!

The X-Trail Remote Work Model is a bespoke item created specifically for this test project and unfortunately there are no current plans for a general release at the moment. However as soon as it debuted online many people commented ‘I want this X-Trail color’!

Therefore we are holding out hope that it may be released in the market at some point in the future.

While there are no plans for a general release of a remote work set based upon Coleman’s Master series, after testing it is a great way to build a high quality, unified campsite and it would likely become very popular if it was released as a package. We really look forward to further developments and collaborations between these two companies.

Report & Text/Shinya Miura