A camp party with Jimny! What is the secret to the love of the outdoors?

4 years ago

3 different Jimny models, each with their own unique charm!

The new model Jimny have become a hot topic since the full model change in July 2018. They are starting to crop up more and more about the city.

So we decided to test out the new range Jimny XC (4AT), Jimny XC (5MT) and the Jimny Sierra JC and throw a camping party! From solo camping to family parties we will thoroughly examine the benefits of each model in a variety of outdoor scenarios.

Members of the brand Natal Design who are well known to Go Out readers will be taking part with us. GOTOH the director of the brand and his stylist wife Mai along with fellow staff members Nishio and Fukuzawa have all come together to test out the vehicles in both family camp and solo camp scenarios.


Choosing a Jimny model to suit your camping style.

First of all the Natal crew choose their favorite Jimny model according to their preferred camping style. “I like the coloring that goes well with vintage style tent and camping gear” said GOTOH as he selects the ivory colored Jimny XC 4AT mode.

Mr Nishio who has brought his child along chooses the Jimny Sierra which is powerful and stable. “I want a nice comfortable ride with my children”.

On the other hand Mr Fukuzawa opted for the Jimny XC 5MT due to it “feeling like a piece of camping gear itself”.

The Natal crews campsite surrounded by the 3 different Jimny models really highlights the combination between the cars style and tents plus camping gear.

In the centre of the circle of cars bringing your favorite camping gear makes it a really relaxing living space. We enjoyed cooking as well as playing music.


Rugged looks and interior are great for couples camping!

Mr GOTOH likes to create a campsite aesthetic that blends tough and rugged vintage gear with a stylish interior design atmosphere. Color ways that are gender neutral was also highlighted as a key point for them both.

“It’s got the tough appearance of an off roader and is great for carrying and moving luggage around, plus the compact size and coloring makes it perfect for men and women”.

“”The interior is also really stylish but with great functionality. I really like the design of the meter cluster which is just like a Bell and Ross clock”.


For solo camping functional equipment is best! (Fukuzawa)

Mr Fukuzawa is infatuated with design that merges beauty and functionality. For people that enjoy solo camping, a calm and stoic atmosphere is also important so a vehicle that gives a sense of private space is important. The 4Wd and 5MT both give a strong feeling of control which is important for the solo camper.

“You can arrange the seats to easily make a private space and it’s also great for storing luggage making it perfect for solo campers”.

“Utilizing the part time 4WD and 5MT to dynamically travel across terrain is a lot of fun. All of the different functions appeal to my inner masculinity as well haha”.


The interior is way more comfortable than it first looks! (Nishio Family)

As a family man and camping enthusiast Mr Nishio is really impressed by the high safety performance and the versatile seating settings that can accommodate even a child seat. The square shape of the vehicle means you can make full use of the space for luggage storage which is perfect for families. It is actually possible to flatten the back seat to create a cargo capacity of up to 352L.

“The Sierra is a great model as it can carry heavy loads of camping equipment such as stoves and large tents without any compromise in performance. The square silhouette also means you can make the most of every inch of space”.

“For families the high safety performance is also very important. The interior is more spacious and comfortable than you may think at first and if the children are relaxed then long drives become far less stressful and fun as a family”.

No matter what you individual needs are, camping as a couple, solo or as a family with young children the new Jimnny series has a model for you.


SUZUKI Jimny XC(4AT)/Jimny XC(5MT)/Jimny  Sierra JC

【SPEC】Vehicle Dimensions:Length 3395× Width 1475× Height 1725mm   Wheel base:2250mm(XC )、Length 550× Width 1645× Height 1730mm  Wheel base 2250mm(Sierra JC)  Vehicle Weight:1040kg(XC 4AT)、1030kg(XC 5MT)、1090kg(Sierra JC)  Total Displacement:658cc(XC)、1460cc(Sierra JC) Maximum Output:47kW(64ps)/6000rpm(XC)、75kW(102ps)/6000rpm(Sierra JC) Maximum Torque:96Nm(6.6kgm)/3500rpm(XC)、103Nm(613.3kgm)/4000rpm  Fuel Consumption Rate:JC08 Mode 16.2km/L(XC)、JC08 Mode 13.6km/L(Sierra JC)  Passenger Capacity:4 people  Engine:Water-cooled 4-cycle series 3-cylinder intercooler      Turbo Drive system:Part Time 4WD  Price 1,841,400yen(XC 4AT)、1,744,200yen(XC 5MT)、2,019,600yen(Sierra JC)

SUZUKI  http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/jimny/

Photo/Dai Yamamoto Report & Text/Masatsugu Kuwabara Styling/Mai Fukuda