Limited release of the Gordon Miller x JS Furniture car. Pay close attention to the American retro interior!

3 years ago

GORDON MILLER develops various products such as furniture, lifestyle goods, and clothing centered on the garage lifestyle, and their original car label “Gordon Mirror Motors” is also gaining popularity.

In 2019, a customized complete vehicle based on the Hiace and NV200 was released and gained popularity, but this time they have collaborated with “journal standard Furniture” to produce a limited number of special models!

GMLVAN V-01JSF Based on GMLVAN V-01 / HIACE DX ¥5500000~

GMLVAN C-01JSF Based on GMLVAN C-01 / NV200 VANETTE DX ¥4213000~

Based on the concept of “a car that is also a living room”, it is finished with a fashionable interior that incorporates the essence of Journal Standard Furniture incorporated into the existing two cars.

ACME Furniture’s original large-format check fabric is used for the seats, creating an idyllic atmosphere of 1980’s America!

A cushion made of the same material is also included, so you can quickly transform your sofa into a relaxing space as if you had just moved it into the car. In addition, the curtains that can help maintain your privacy have been changed to denim for a casual look!

Wood material is used a lot in the car, and they chose warm oak material compared to the normal specification white walnut!

Another advantage of the natural materials is that you can enjoy the “aging” each time you use it. It is also nice that it can be easily cleaned because it has waterproof and antifouling floor sheets.

The wooden board is finished in two stages to create a table or full flat space, but the limited model uses a flap-type lid at the end.

Not only can you hide your belongings in the lower row, but you can also use it as a bench if you unfold it. There is no doubt that it will be very useful when camping!

Check the exterior too! Two thick and thin lines are arranged on both sides to emphasize the nostalgic image. The original plate is also an added nuance.

Also pay attention to the optional parts (separately) such as carriers and black wheels that contribute to outdoor utility and help customize the appearance!

In addition, special equipment only for the collaboration limited vehicles, such as rugs made of the same material and design as the seats and roll screens that can be installed inside the vehicle to show movies, are included, making it appealing to enjoy the living room and interior of the vehicle seamlessly!

Nowadays, cars are not just a means of transportation, but fashionability and convenience are also important factors. If you are planning to buy a car, please check this out.

For those who want to see the actual car, an exhibition and sales event will be held at GORDON MILLER LAB. (3-1-15 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) on October 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun).