A commercial car with a retro look. Renoca’s new model with round lights and unique coloring.

3 years ago

FLEX, which operates Land Cruiser and Hiace specialty stores nationwide, is a pioneer of “fashionable outdoor cars.”

The “renovation + car” project “Renoca”, launched by Flex in 2017, is a fashionable renovation of used care models already on sale, but on January 18, 2021 (Monday) The new model “EURO BOX” is scheduled to be released.

Whether you like the outdoors or are a lover of cars, this is a must-see new release, so let’s take a look at it.

EURO BOX ¥1854000

Looking at the front face of this car, there may be many car lovers who see a recognizable face. Yes, this is actually the Toyota Probox!

The criteria for choosing the Probox as the base for Renoca to renovate is that it doesn’t break down easily and can be used for a long time while feeling fresh to drive and looking like a commercial use vehicle.

The Probox base model has been modified to have two round headlights that give the atmosphere of European cars of the 70’s and 80’s, and 15-inch tires are set on classical wheels. The body color is also painted mainly in beige and gray, giving it an appearance that shines when outside.

Another key point is that the seat cover is changed to a checkered pattern to create a warm interior!

Since the Probox has a large luggage compartment, it can be used outdoors for camping, leisure, and activities, and if you lay down the second row seats, you can sleep overnight in the car! Since the first row seats also collapse easily, it is comfortable to take a nap while on the move.

The drink holder is a square shape that can hold a milk carton, and the convenient store hook is stable even if you hang a lunch box three times, which is synonymous with a working mans car!

In addition, the overall height is suppressed, and fitting in a mechanical parking lot is a big advantage for everyday use, which is different from SUVs.

The Eurobox is tough, durable and easy to use, infusing the essence of outdoors gear into a great car model.

You can customize and simulate estimates for the cost on the official website, so check it out! In addition to all seven body colors, you can also choose variations of wheels and seat covers, and you can request a detailed quotation.

■Renoca https://www.flexnet.co.jp/renoca/