Outdoor vehicle snap winter camp edition #1

4 years ago

The 3rd annual GO OUT WINTER CAMP was held on the 15th and 16th of December 2018. Campers arrived to the base camp in below freezing temperatures and he we will present some of the members snaps over 4 parts.

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Be amazed by this super rare coloring!


The Renegade model is the first compact SUV from JEEP, and in addition to having excellent handling for the streets it also features a unique design with rounded headlights and a rugged square body. This design is what drew Mr Takami to purchasing it.

It was purchased about two years ago. The jungle green color is a limited edition to celebrate the 70th anniversary with only 80 units in circulation.

“I really wanted to find a model with this color and I eventually found it even though this is a 2WD model”.

Mr Takami has a lot of experience in freestyle skiing and has been camping at festivals for the past 10 years so he is well versed in the usefulness of 4WD but the allure of this limited edition color was enough for him to choose this model regardless of the drive system.

Only a small carrier can be equipped on the roof due to the compact size. Therefore a secondary canoe holder has been attached on the inside roof by attaching a net to provide a loading space for tents and sleeping bags etc.


Outdoor meets luxury with this excellent combination!

NISSANNV350 Caravan

When you think about caravans then the business wagon Hiace is the first that comes to mind. Being primarily made for commercial purposes they were previously far from fashionable however the latest models have a silky and elegant design. Best of all is the loading capacity which far excels that of a mini van.

Mr a.m.0455 is a hardcore ‘caravanist’ who has continuously been travelling via caravans for the last 10 years, spanning 3 different vehicles. While originally designed to be a luxury vehicle, 3 years ago he decided to start adapting it towards the camping lifestyle, equipping it with mudguards, off road tires and beds so that staying overnight is possible.

Even without the use of a tent there is enough space for a family of 4 plus the family dog to sleep.

“I used to this for a living but this car is only a hobby. Hiace are popular models but there size and caravan design make them a perfect fit for outdoor activities.”


A mid-sized SUV for female campers


Contrary to many on trend sites based on DOD tents, Katagiri came in a wild black body SUV

The Outlander which was switched out from the Vamos model about 6 years ago, is a 2006 Limited Model G, which features leather seats, heaters, gold trim and wheels. The rear windscreen has been customized with stickers from many outdoor brands.

The Outlander model attracts attention for its PHEV (Plug in hybrid) specifications but this first generation has been discontinued for about 7 years so it can be picked up for affordable prices on the second hand market. If you are looking for a mid-sized SUV this is a great recommendation.

“I’ve been camping for about 10 years, and I decided that an SUV was good for me. I was a little worried after converting from a smaller lightweight vehicle but it has a wide field of view and is easy to drive. It’s spacious enough to carry luggage for 2 people on a camping trip . I’ve already accumulated 130,000km but i7m not planning to change any time soon”.


A wild pickup that’s handled with passion!

DodgeRam 1500

A majestic, full sized pick-up truck can be found besides a spacious tent site using Nordisk Asgard gear and Sotravos tarp. We spoke to the owner who was enjoying the winter camping trip with his family, and has a passion for big American vehicles having previously owned Mustang, Cherokee and had long been envious of pick ups.

“”They may not be overly popular in Japan but they have a special appeal for me”. He has added a hard top cover to the cargo bed to increase its practicality.

In America, pick-up trucks are often used as practical utility vehicles so the addition of a sun roof is also pretty rare. As it is a double cab (4 doors) the sun roof helps to throw open the inside of the vehicle and make it feel more free and spacious.

It comes packing a 5700cc engine for smooth travel and plenty of space for luggage, so we can see the appeal this type of vehicle has to the outdoor enthusiast.

Photo & Report/Yasuo Sato